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Let Master Gary Danielson teach

you Kung Fu San Soo today!


Be Safe and Prepared!

·      Learn Effective Self Defense in only weeks!
·      Build Self Confidence
·      Individualized Expert Instruction
       at location of your choosing.
·      Work at your own pace
·      No Contests or Competitions
·      No Contracts
·      Low Affordable Rates  


Professional Self-Defense Instruction for real world street fighting

“Our Times Demand It! … Be Safe and Prepared”

Violent Crime Against Individuals and Families Continues to increase…

In the present economic climate, the streets just aren’t safe. A street thug wants what you have. Police no longer respond to burglar alarms and most people cannot afford the luxury of elaborate security systems and private security patrols. So it’s you against them! Learn to protect yourself, your family and your property. Make lessons in self defense an important part of your family’s security preparations.


Men and Women should not check-in their safety with their luggage. Additionally, in the present military climate, your young man or woman may be called to fight. Hand-to-hand combat training in the Armed Forces is nil to non-existent. Kung-Fu San Soo is not a sport, but an effective and efficient fighting technique, utilizing punches, kicks, throws and leverage. Kung-Fu San Soo is presently being taught to the Navy Seals and the US Marines in special auxiliary classes.

An exceptional youth program…

The youth class is structured, appropriate and fun! Activities are varied frequently to keep an exciting pace. Master Danielson is an excellent role model and will help your children develop confidence and discipline. Because of this our San Soo kids do better in scholastic and social situations. Youths will learn how to handle bullies and their aggressive behavior


Dear New or Prospective Member:

Kung-Fu San Soo, under the instruction of Master Gary Danielson is offering professional self-defense instruction for everyone ages 5 and up.

The fine instructional program has taken years to build and we are sure you will be thrilled with your continued progress…

The curriculum is designed to teach the combative skills necessary to deal with dangerous, assaultive situations. Learning Kung Fu helps the student develop confidence, a quality that, in itself, is a deterrent to hostility. The learning process develops self-discipline and awareness, often enhancing job performance and inter-personal relationships.

Best Wishes for continued excellence.
– Master Gary Danielson –
Learn Kung Fu San Soo today!
If you’re looking for more info on Kung Fu San Soo training in a private setting with Master Gary Danielson, please send email to: or call 818-570-2380 to ask about our private training availability.