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About Master Gary Danielson

My name is Gary Danielson and I am a Master (8th Degree Black Belt) in Kung Fu San Soo. I began my journey in the Martial Arts in 1980. At the time I chose Okinawan Ishinryu Karate because it was close to my home in North Hills, CA. Training was daily for me and I sparred whenever possible. Through all my training I felt that something was missing. I began investigating other arts. In 1985, I discovered a Kung Fu studio in North Hollywood and went to check it out. The instructor there was Master Chuck Cory and he seemed like a good guy so I signed up. I went regularly and learned a lot. Being young and inexperienced in life, I left to continue my journey in the Martial Arts. Over the next few years I did other arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do. Years had passed since I had left the North Hollywood studio but it became obvious that Kung Fu San Soo was the only “True” fighting art. Immediately, I returned to the North Hollywood studio to find that Master Chuck Cory had moved back East and the studio was now a Kenpo Studio. There had to be another San Soo studio.

In those days, researching was more labor intensive because we did not have Internet and other resources that we have today. In my searching, I discovered a Kung Fu San Soo school in Reseda CA and went to investigate. My love for the art grew so much that I began training six days a week. Class after class I trained until receiving my Black Belt in late 2000. Although circumstances arose that caused me to relocate, my training in Kung Fu San Soo continued, training with such Instructors as Masters Larry Wikel, Juan Meza, Roger Huff and then starting in 2008, Master Lawrence Rouse. I received my Masters on July 10, 2011.

I also gained valuable experience working with special needs children with a wide range of conditions such as Autism/Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and Soto’s Syndrome. Now having settled back in the San Fernando Valley just North of Los Angeles, I continue to train as well as teach Kung Fu San Soo. My teaching background includes teaching celebrities, L.A.P.D Officers as well as teaching women’s self-defense classes and youth self defense classes for the Boy Scouts. I have also done personal security work and have worked at large restaurant establishments as restaurant security.

My primary goal when teaching is keeping the art pure. Foundation and structure of lessons are always emphasized. If a student doesn’t have a good foundation while learning, then they are not going to gain the full benefits of Kung Fu San Soo. It bothers me when people teach what they call San Soo when it is actually San Soo watered down by Mixed Martial Arts. If Kung Fu San Soo is altered, it shouldn’t be called San Soo…period!!”
Students will first learn the basics. Emphasis on foundation will be taught as well as understanding how the body works. Proper body mechanics and foundation are essential. Then students will begin learning basic lessons. These lessons help the student use foundation and body mechanics to stop an attacker. Don’t let the word, “BASIC” fool you. Once mastered, these lessons are very powerful and effective. This means that one can learn how to adequately protect themselves sooner than most Martial Arts.

As students progress they will learn a variety of lessons combining blocking, striking, kicking, leverages, and pressure points as well as multiple attacker scenarios. Weapons are also taught. Many have said to me once they started training in Kung Fu San Soo, that they learned more in six months than they did in two or more years in their previous Martial Art. Over time, students will also build confidence and become better people.

Because San Soo does not rely on strength, it is a great system of fighting for women and children. I have been involved in Martial Arts for many years and so many times I have seen students train in other arts and get high belt ranks and trophies only to be devastated in a real street fight. One must understand the reality of a street fight. If somebody attacks you, a referee will not stop the fight and give you a chance to recover. There will be no doctor to stop the blood from pouring into your eyes. No policeman to stop the stranger from taking your child or the rapist from assaulting you.

These are examples of real world situations. Most say, “This won’t happen to me” But statistics show that no matter how careful you are, sooner or later one will encounter a violent situation. In my view, Kung Fu San Soo is the only true fighting art. So ask yourself this question. When the real world comes knocking at your door will you be ready?

Master Gary Danielson

Learn Kung Fu San Soo today.

If you’re looking for more info on Kung Fu San Soo training in a private setting with Master Gary Danielson, please send email to: or call 818-570-2380 to ask about our private training availability.