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Master Gary Danielson

8th Degree Black Belt – Kung Fu San Soo

Master Gary Danielson
Students want to learn martial arts but they want the real deal.  One wants to learn how to effectively fight in a reasonable time frame.  Students want an instructor that has had years of training  and also valuable experience in the real world of street fighting.  A student wants an instructor that actually teaches.  Students want a proven leader with a proven track record to not only teach them the skills necessary to protect themselves or their loved ones, but also build their confidence and self-esteem. Kung Fu San Soo Master Gary Danielson is now available for private lessons. The great thing about private lessons is that your Martial Arts education can be directly tailored to your specific wants or needs at your own pace. Master Danielson’s private lessons are designed for people who want that extra attention and wish to learn at an accelerated level and assimilate information much quicker. Master Danielson is an expert at working with each individual as an individual. Many of his students have different abilities, goals, strengths and weaknesses which benefit from private lessons greater than from a group environment. We can accommodate each private training session to whatever needs you have. Some students take private lessons because they want to advance quicker in their current level or rank. Others may need some extra attention on a technique they just can’t get while others are simply wanting to be discreet in their Martial Arts training. No matter what reasons you have, private sessions are a great way to reach your goals quickly! Private lessons are available to fit the student’s schedule at a predetermined location of their choice.

Why Choose Personal Kung Fu San Soo Training?

  • Personalized attention and curriculum 
  • Accelerated learning and advancement over group lessons    
  • Turn your personal weakness into a strength
  • Get into great shape    
  • Gain self confidence    
  • Privacy


If you’re looking for more info on Kung Fu San Soo training in a private setting with Master Gary Danielson, please send email to: or call 818-570-2380 to ask about our private training availability.

What Do Students Have To Say?

“I started training with Master Gary in Sept. of 2014. I had achieved the rank of green belt with Jerry Dee out in Rancho and had also trained with Larry Wikel and Darren Carl. At the point that I started training with Master Gary I had been out of practice a number of years and was pretty rusty. Master Gary worked with my strengths and weaknesses. He was really able to help me get back on track and move forward. Master Gary has an approach to San Soo that I truly love. Everything that I’ve learned can be applied on the street and my confidence in my technique has really helped my expand my abilities. I am now a brown belt and am looking forward to the next level, but even more than advancing in belt degrees, I’m just happy to be training with such an awesome Master! My husband is now training too and it’s been wonderful to watch him learn this fantastic martial art. Master Gary is such a great teacher and a damn nice person that I now call friend. If you are on the fence about training or aren’t sure, do one session and see what you’ve been missing. I can’t say enough about Master Gary.”

Nancy Sexton

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